Hijo de Pancho Villa




He visits Chihuahua and Durango and is interviewed

by Univision In 2006  

Ernesto Nava Villa as a young child, Ernesto exemplified bravery under scorn, he once told me a tale that demonstrated courage...

Story Ernesto told me that when he was about 11 or 12 years old in New Mexico, a hacendado or owner of a large mass of land, when Ernesto was just a child was on his land and accidentally let some horses out of his parcel, and the owner was on a large horse and made the horse stomp on Ernesto's bare feet because he let the horses out. The Mexican workers looking on, advised young Ernesto to 'take it and don't say anything,' yet the boy yelled stop. The men did not help because they were afraid of losing their jobs. In bare feet, Ernesto crossed the river. bleeding, his foot bound with a rag. When he got home his mother asked what happened and he told her he cut his feet crossing the river. It took about a month for his feet to heal, but he never told her what happened. That's how life was.... I was in tears when he told me this story.


A meeting between 4 people the last son of Pancho Villa   Ernesto Nava, Paul Renteria Actor of films , and  Mike Moroff  Actor of Films Raul Nava owner Pancho Villa event center  Paul Renteria does a Documentary film , Pancho Villas Son


Un reportaje de Blanca Garza de Ernesto Villa Nava en 4-4-07 El Hijo de Pancho Villa

Parte 2

Jose Hernandez  from farm worker to astronaut  Arielle , Raul 

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Nazas Durango

                      Parte 1

Interview with Ernesto  by

Frank Sanchez  in Spanish in Novato  Ca,  at Los Guitarras  Restaurante  COMO Salio su Historia.....

check out ! Raul Navavilla youtube channel

stories Ernesto Nava told me !