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Nuevo Siglo Newspaper :: El hijo de Pancho Villa en

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Ernesto  Nava Villa

Visits Chicago

                                                   Hijo de Pancho Villa

                                          Time line for Ernesto Nava Villa

 1998 MEXICO : For Ernesto Nava Story : Ernesto Nava Villa and his son Raul, Traveled to Mexico in 1998 searching for his roots, Raul asked his father Ernesto if he could tell anyone, in Mexico, that he was the son of Pancho Villa, and this was in a hotel call hotel Turista, in Parral Chihuahua well we told the janitor, and he said wait don't leave stay, so we waited for about a half an hour and the owner showed up, Jose Socorro Salcido Gomez owner of the hotel Turista, he could not believe what he saw.  He said come back in 1999 for the Festivites in July 13-21 he started the Calbagata in 1994, the Pancho Villa horse ride from Juarez on horseback to Parral Chihuahua for the annual festival,  commemorating Pancho Villa ride and the community, how everyone came together, during this time.   Well we could not go back because in 1999, but could not go back because Ernesto broke his hip, so we didn't go back till 2002.

2002 July: MEXICO: Ernesto and Raul, wife Christine daughter Arielle Nava Nazas Durango Ernesto's birthplace and festivities in Parral Calbagata horse ride we witness the horseback ride into Parral Chihuahua, dad met his sister Guadalupe Villa Quezada Hija de Pancho Villa for the first time.

2002 Sept: U.S. Oakland Ca : Corazon de mi pueblo with Josafina Lopez for a recognition of Sept 16th Ernesto's interview with Tyche Hendrick's dated  dated Sept 16th 2002 living link to the past.

2002 Oct: U.S. Oakland Ca : Carazon de mi pueblo with Josafina Lopez for a local party, then Ernesto is interviewed by Telemundo for a up coming  Rojo Vivo telemundo show.

2002 Nov: U.S. Hayward Ca: November the 20th for a presentation at Cal State Hayward, for day of the Revolution Nov 20th 1910 guest speaker John Ross,  Zapata and Villa, hosted by professor                  Lettie Ramirez... Ernesto and Family.

2003 February 4th - 14th: Mexico Durango: Invitation by the Government of Durango hosted by Lic Gilberto Jimenez Carrillo,Jose de La O Holguin and meeting with Narciscio Martinez (Chicho) the Pancho Villa of Durango  on the 5th of February we Had Breakfast with the community Ernesto Received gifts and Recognition from the community and city officals, we go to the monument statue     of Pancho Villa on his horse decorated with floral arrangements, and the President of Villista's in        Durango Don Pedro Avila Nevarez and the community

                              GIFTS GIVEN TO ERNESTO NAVA VILLA  2003 February

1:  Mr. Sandoval a carving : Pancho Villa on his horse with Ernesto under him carved on hide and framed Mr. Sandoval does Mural's.                                                                                                    2: Mr. Guillermo Salazar Gonzales does Bronze bust Statue's, a gift to Ernesto a Bronze Bust of  Pancho Villa.                                                                                                                                  3: Documents of recognition in San Juan de Rio Durango copy of Doretero Arrango (Pancho Villa) birth certificate,

4:  Meeting in Cuencame Durango soil or land of the General's 21 of the General's of the Division of the North came from Cuencame lot's of history from Cuencame Durango.

5: Meet with the former Chief of Police in the State of Durango Don Brauer Merez he give's Ernesto a gift a glass blown figurine filled with tequila..

Don Ernesto Nava Villa, last son of Pancho Villa, July 4th 1915-2009.

Commemoration, July 4th, Corazon Del Pueblo, 2-6pm, 4814 International Blvd, Oakland, CA 510 532-6733

Thanks for Recognition and Resolutions from U.S. Senator Harry Reid, U.S. Senator John Ensign. U.S. Congressmen Jon Porter. Thanks to Dorinda Moreno and Mimi Lozano of Somos Primos,  Josefina Lopez of Corazon Del Pueblo, and Tyche Hendricks for her article in the SF Chronicle. And special appreciation to my wife Christine and daughter Arielle, and my employee Javier Diaz that makes it possible taking Ernesto to these events.

Sept 28-2007: Ernesto Nava Villa and Raul Nava Villa, Richard Ventura, San Francisco Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Sponsors for the 2007 Latino Leadership Awards, and nominating Ernesto in the Education Category. It is an honor for dad and I, its like a dream come true, I remember telling my father someday you will be talking to the students at the schools and Universities and this is what happened. This, has truly been an Honor.