Una Entrevista de Julian Valente Quintero

en Canutillo Durango Hacienda de Pancho Villa

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In Febuary of 2003 in Durango Mexico in (Canutillo) Pancho Villa Hacienda, 
with our visit to Villa's Hacienda, this man now an older man tells how he was 
adopted, along with 300 plus Children to get Educated, In the Felipe Angeles
school in 1920 in Canutillo, and he also tells how the two men standing next
to him fought with Pancho Villa Army, NOTE when Villa was Assassinated
his Education Stoped... this man still walks around the Hacienda, and remembers the school he once went to, He was telling us he learned how to spell his name and write it, and learned how to read..

                                                   Hijo de Pancho Villa